Yoga Blocks Review

yoga block reviews

Yoga Block Reviews

If you are a beginner at yoga and you are experimenting with other poses on your own, you may require a yoga block to help you when you need support for proper alignment. You should find the right type of yoga blocks for your budget by searching for the best yoga blocks review online.

Here are some of the things that you need to look for when checking out reviews of yoga blocks:

1. The price of each yoga block
When reading a yoga blocks review, find all the necessary information that you need before buying a particular brand. If you are planning to buy more than one block, you should make sure that the price of each block is within your budget. If you are attending a yoga class, you could ask the instructor for tips on where to find the best yoga blocks around your area and online. If you have a tight budget, there are cheaper blocks online that are just as good as the ones found in sports stores.


2. The weight of the blocks
Using the yoga blocks review, check the weight of the yoga block brand you are interested in. This will give you an idea about the other workout routines where you can use the blocks. Yoga blocks have a lot of workout uses other than yoga. You can use yoga blocks to enhance bodyweight exercises like crunches, pushups, and pull-ups. Light weight yoga blocks can help you with maintaining your stability while heavier yoga blocks can be used as a substitute to light-weight dumbbells.

The weight will also suggest if you can bring the blocks with you when you travel. Light weight yoga blocks that have good traction can be brought along when you are going to business trips so that you do not have to miss your yoga routines. Because it can be used to enhance body weight exercises, you can also do your weight training routines when you are in your hotel room.


3. The texture of the surface
You should also check for information about the traction of specific blocks in the yoga blocks review. Yoga blocks should have good traction on the studio floor or yoga mat to make sure that it doesn’t slip.

Yoga blocks that easily slip can cause injuries. If you are using yoga blocks for support, it should be securely planted on the ground when you are putting a lot of weight on it. If it is unstable, there is a good chance that your weight will cause it to slide. This will cause you to lose your balance and fall. Look for user reviews that come from first-hand users’ experiences with the yoga block brand that you are about to buy. If you can’t find any review online, you can contact blog owners who have posted about yoga blocks to hear their opinion about the texture of the surface.


4. The durability of the blocks
The yoga block is a very simple tool but because of the amount of weight and friction that it needs to endure, it should be very durable. You should avoid buying brands with no cork yoga blocks review online. Having no reviews means that these brands are not tested yet and may be less durable than established brands.

You should make sure that the yoga block that you buy does not chip easily. Cork yoga blocks are pretty soft but if they have sharp edges, they may still cause cuts during accidents. The danger of getting cut because of sharp edges increases if you buy blocks that are made of harder materials than cork. You can find out about these things by looking for a yoga blocks review by users, online or revisit blog post in Yoga Addict.