Microfiber Yoga Mat Towel and Yoga Hand Towel Set, Best Grippy  Towel To Prevent Slipping, Premium Quality Microfiber, Ideal for Hot Yoga, For Any Type of Yoga Styles, by YogaAddict

skidless yoga mat towel

  • Includes 1 yoga mat towel (size: 24 x 68 inches), free 1 yoga hand towel (size: 15 x 24 inches)
  • Yoga mat towel made of microfiber and yoga hand towel made of microfiber material too
  • Provide excellent traction and extends the life of your mat
  • Super absorbent – absorb five times more¬† and dries in half the time of a cotton towel
  • Perfect for traveling, studio and home use


Have you tried going for your practice and your feet and palm are slipping everywhere because of your sweat? Are you one of those who worry about the hygiene of the yoga mats as you use those available in your yoga studio?

Microfiber yoga mat towel can provide the added balance, control and grip for you to practice yoga with peace of mind.

skidless yoga mat towel

Who Can Benefit from Microfiber Yoga Mat Towel

  • Those who wish to have more grip for their yoga practice
  • Those who want their feet as well as palm to stay hygiene from dirty mats
  • Those who wish to engage more into the practice without worrying about slipping and also want more traction
  • Those who wish to extend the life out of your yoga mat as yoga poses can cause some undue wear and tear to it
  • Beginners or experienced yoga practitioners for hot yoga or any other yoga styles

Benefits of Using Grippy and Microfiber Yoga Mat Towel

  • Minimize risk of injury from slipping during a pose by providing traction
  • Ultra absorbent as it holds 7 times its weight
  • They provide stability and support for proper alignment of the body
  • Portable and perfect for traveling
  • Add a layer of comfort and hygiene between you and your mat

Product Details

  • Good Microfiber 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
  • Super soft and durable
  • Contains no artificial chemicals
  • Attractive and stylish


Recommendation: When you want more grip for your hands or feet just lightly mist or wet the towel in the areas where you want more traction. This will solve any sliding problem as it activates the non-slip properties of the yoga mat towel

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