Men’s Yoga Stretchable Short Pants

men yoga shorts

Have you tried going for practice and your pants are too loose for some yoga poses as it unintentionally exposes private body parts?

YogaAddict Yoga Stretchable Short Pants for men ensures that you stay comfortable throughout your yoga practice and confident in focusing on the yoga poses.

– The fabric allows you to move, extend, expands and contracts with you allowing for flexibility during yoga practice, pilates, and outdoor exercises.
– The pant don’t fall up or down in your face when you’re doing a handstand, downward dog or other inversion.
– Once you put them on, you won’t want to take them off.
– If you are not comfortable wearing loose shorts to yoga class like Bikram, Hot Yoga, Ashtanga, then this is a good alternative.
– Full splits doesn’t threaten to tear these pants.
– Fitted but not restricting and it doesn’t sag when drenched.
– Quick dry material, allow to perform any pose easily and drape freely around your form.
– The fabric breathed well and light weight.
– These shorts keep you cooler, and you don’t have to constantly adjust the shorts or peel them off your sweaty legs


men yoga shorts



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men yoga shorts stretchable