What Are Yoga Blocks Used For

what are yoga blocks used for

What Are Yoga Blocks Used For

One of the common questions ask by beginners who just took up yoga practice is “What are yoga blocks used for?”. It is not surprising as yoga practice in the modern days now are equip with many yoga props to deepen and enjoy the practice more and one of the most widely used prop is the yoga blocks.

Here are 5 functions of the yoga blocks:

1. For Flexibility

Firstly, to answer the question what are yoga blocks used for, these are also used for better flexibility. Since the yoga blocks can help keep your balance, it will then allow you to become more flexible as well. This is particularly helpful for people who are having a hard time performing some poses that require a flexible body such as the half moon pose. This will help you modify some poses and allow you to perform the poses. The block will serve as a supporting tool that will enable you to twist and turn on certain poses better so even if you are not as flexible as what certain poses require you to be, you can use this block to help you become more flexible and perform the pose better.

2. To Provide Support

Yoga blocks can provide support. This is also one of the main reasons why yoga blocks are used by some people and you can also notice the comments on some yoga blocks review. It can support your head and neck during lying positions or support your weight during sitting and standing positions. It can also help support various poses by allowing you to hold that pose longer and better. If you want support on your head and neck area when lying down during meditation, place the block under your head near your nape. This will help support the weight of your head to avoid straining your neck and your spine. You can also use this as a bench during sitting positions to support your weight. Yoga blocks are also used to support weight during standing positions. You can stand on the block and put your weight on the block to hold the pose better. If you find some difficulty performing yoga due to your weight, you can use yoga blocks to give you the support that you need.

3. For Balance

Another answer to the question what are yoga blocks used for is yoga blocks are used to help you balance. In line with the aforementioned paragraph, since yoga blocks can help support weight, it can definitely help maintain balance. This is particularly helpful during standing, squatting, and sitting positions. This will help you find your center of gravity easier so you can maintain your balanced position longer. This will also help make standing on one foot or balancing using your hands for certain positions easier.

4. For Longer and Comfortable Position

Fourth answer to the question what are yoga blocks used for is that these can help you hold your pose longer and be comfortable with it. Because it can help you balance, become more flexible, and provide support for your weight it can therefore allow you to hold your poses for a longer time and stay comfortable in that position as well. You can now perform more balancing poses and more flexibility poses and hold it in multiple breathing counts.

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