How To Use Yoga Blocks In 6 Different Ways

How To Use Yoga Blocks In 6 Different Ways

If you have a yoga block but hardly have any idea how to use it, here is a step by step guide on how to use yoga blocks.

Yoga is certainly a great exercise both for the mind, body, and soul. It allows one to feel relaxed and takes away all the stress.  It also helps one stay physically healthy as well. There are many different kinds of accessories you can use when performing yoga such as yoga mats and yoga blocks. While the former is actually more of a necessity, the latter is quite new to some people. Yoga blocks are not really necessary but they can be very helpful. They can make certain yoga poses easier especially when doing advanced level poses. If you want to try using such to make performing yoga easier for you as well, here is how to use yoga blocks.

how to use yoga blocks

1. Bridge Position

The bridge position is probably one of the hardest positions in yoga aside from the balancing positions. This is why many people want to know how to use yoga blocks for this position as it allows them to perfectly perform the bridge and prevent any injuries from the said position. Using two yoga blocks, place one on its side position against a wall and keep the other positioned by your side. Lie down flat on your yoga mat with your feet facing the yoga block you placed against the wall; about two feet apart from the block your feet must be. Bend your legs with your knees facing upwards. Press the floor using your feet and slowly lift your pelvis area. Take your second yoga block and place it under your sacrum. Hold the block still with both hands on each side then roll up your arms to enlarge your chest area. Take one leg and extend it to the wall and put it on the yoga block located there. Do the same for the other foot. Remain in the pose for a few breathing counts before you release.

2. Sitting Positions

There are also sitting positions where having yoga blocks are helpful as well. You can sit on the block while doing sitting poses to make it more effective and comfortable for you. This is especially helpful on sitting positions that involve twists. The yoga block provides support to the sacrum and lifts the pelvis off the floor for a more comfortable position.

how to use yoga blocks

3. Standing Positions

For certain standing positions, slipping the block under the heels of your feet while performing the poses can help you balance your body better. This is also a great idea to help align your spine for a healthier stance and to better balance your body as well.

how to use yoga block

4. Hand Support

Another way on how to use yoga blocks is to use it as a hand support for various poses like the half moon pose and the triangle pose. You can use this to support your hands to further stretch your body and perform the pose in a comfortable manner. This is particularly helpful for people who have issues with their flexibility and who can’t extend to the pose fully.

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5. Head Support

Aside from providing support for the hands, yoga blocks can also be used to provide support for the head. You can use this when performing abdominal poses or when meditating while lying down especially during cool down. This will help support the weight of your head and prevent straining the neck. You can use the yoga block every time you lie down or need support on your neck and head area.